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Sustainably made furniture for kids

Sustainably made furniture for kids

It was natural for us to create furniture for kids Sustainably. It’s in the heart of our brand. Creating long-lasting products is always our starting point. We live in challenging times and must stand against nature-consuming and short-lived production. We feel responsible for the future of our planet and our kids.

These are Linor key points on being a Sustainable Kid’s Furniture Brand:

1.A sustainable product starts with sourcing the right material. We are up to a great start with this renewable, sustainably sourced material.

2. Even the tiny amount of waste from our production gets reused think gorgeous wood samples for our customers!

3. Ecological Packing

The furniture is next-generation flat-packed to reduce the carbon footprint on storage and transportation. We are packaging with minimal use of plastic. Even when we ship freight, we use cardboard pallets and recyclable packaging. Our furniture is packaged in recycled cardboard for eco-friendly disposal.

4.Linor kids is furniture made for generations

And of course, the furniture itself is built for years. Our best statement against the throw-away culture destroying our environment. Imagine your child will outgrow the R toddler bed; you can pass it on to a sibling or keep it in the family. Seling it second hand would be easy too, as the bed stays in good shape, because of great material and finish. Those furniture can be bought for a nursery but used for years till your child will be teen. The modern, elegant aesthetic doesn’t get old or outdated. Good design means – timeless esthetic, appreciated for years.

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