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How to turn your child’s bedroom into a magical playroom?

How to turn your child’s bedroom into a magical playroom?

Why it’s a good idea to create a play corner for your toddler ?

If you have a spare room that no one use, I would advise you to turn it into the kids-playroom paradise! You can also dedicate a corner in the living room to give your toddler this personal space to play. I believe not only your child will benefit from it, but you also will! The play space will help your child learn independence, and you can be around too, giving them attention if needed.

Keep it clean > Keep it safe > Keep it Playful. 

No matter what playroom design you decide to go with, comfort and ease of use are essential. Functionality and fun are necessary too!  So when you try to find the perfect furniture, keep in mind these aspects.

Tips to Create a Great Toddler Playroom :  

1.Focus on Storage 

Of course, we would like to have the playground well organised, so the toys will not fly around all over the house! I believe it’s essential to find a system or a way to teach your child to clean the mess after playing. In the beginning, of course, you will need to do it with your child, but I’m sure they will slowly learn to do it themselves

2.Make the floor comfortable.

Small kids spend hours playing on the floor. For this reason, please consider not only a soft, cosy rug but also playful elements like pillows, cushions and play mats.

3. Use bright colors.

4. Use cleanable and wipe-able materials. Paint, tables, floors, whatever. The easier to clean, the better. So much less stressful than expecting my kids be be clean all day.

5.Use a larger table for crafts. There are so many little small tables out there for crafts but my kids can use up an entire dining room table easily. Opt for the bigger tables if you can spare the room.

6.Try make-believe corners. I corner for a play house, grocery store, or princess dressing room means entertainment on an ongoing basis. Check out some examples below!
7.Incorporate Fort/Tents. There is not a kid on earth who wouldn’t love this. find a way or a corner to include it!
8. Include a Reading area. A nook for chill time is essential! Make it super inviting for your little one!
9.Wall decals. These can add so much to a room with little effort.

10. Purchase items that grow with your kids.

When you purchase furniture for your child, consider if this item can stay with your child for the following years. How would you use it differently, and for what? 

Is this furniture easy to adopt for school or even teenage years? We buy toys regardless of the kid’s age as they grow and develop, but the furniture can last much longer if we make the right choices. 

Please always check what kind of materials the furniture is made from and what type of guarantee you get, so you can be sure you can enjoy using it for years to come. Or even if you would like to sell it after some time, you can be sure it’s in good condition. 

Do you need more inspiration about creating your Toddler Room? Find Linor Kids products!

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